Dixie Towing

Dixie Towing, LLC. is a Marine Towing and Commercial Diving company based in Jacksonville, Florida.

Established in 1980 on a foundation of safety and dependability, Dixie Towing has offered only the highest quality of service available to its valued customers.


Since 1980 Dixie Towing has successfully completed countless inland and offshore towing jobs along the east coast, gulf coast, and Caribbean islands.

Dixie can provide turn-key solutions for dredge and construction mobilization, vessel assist, and barge fleeting. Dixie also provides emergency towing services 24/7 conveniently dispatched from our Ft. George Island facility.


Atlantic Endeavor

Type: 400hp Model Bow
Length: 37’
Breadth: 14’
Draft: 5’

J Henry Blount

Type: 400hp Pushboat
Length: 41’
Breath: 15’
Draft: 5’

Lindy Lou

Type: 800hp Model Bow
Length: 50’
Breadth: 20’
Draft: 6’

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